Best Five iPhone Dating Apps of 2011

This is  The Best Five iPhone Dating Apps of 2011:

 1.SmartDating one of the newest free iPhone dating app, it is already off to a great start at number 1.  This application features many different icons and fun things to do to help you find that special someone, and can even tell you how close you are to a person, location wise.  It is an awesome feature unique to this app.  It’s not going to be very surprising when we see this free great dating app move up on the list in iTunes as it gains more followers!  

2. OKCupid is consistently one of the top online dating sites, especially with the younger crowd.   In a society that is becoming overrun with people raised on the internet, this site has won millions over by including surveys to help link you with potential matches, and is especially popular because of its free price tag.  Since it has joined with, the site has launched a members-only version for a fee, but hasn’t restricted anything from its free members yet.  While some people claim that they should have taken some more time tweaking the app before its release, it does still let you connect with your OKCupid profile, and is completely functional. 

 OKCupid this app is also one of the more versatile ones available, allowing users from all sexual preferences to connect in one site. 

3. eHarmony keeps trying to take over the top spot, but needs a few tweaks before it is ready.  All it really needs is an update to fix a few bugs, and they might want to do without the boot after 30 minutes of not being used.  There is no denying that this app has quite a large group of followers, which is helping hold its popularity.

4. Social Connect this is what you get when you combine the uber-popular social networking site Facebook and online dating.  Seeing how Facebook is so popular by itself, it is no surprise that the app is doing so well too.  One of the best features unique to Social Connect is the Virtual Dating feature.  This allows you to date someone online before you meet in person, making the first date far less awkward.  All of their followers seem quite pleased with the service so far, and as it grows in popularity its number of members will as well.  Don’t be surprised if it moves up in a rank as a result of this!

5. this is another free app that will connect with its online version for free but only if you already have a membership.  There is a monthly fee for the site, but you are able to choose from several different plans.  It is one of the more well known online dating sites available, but with so many free ones out there, they may have to chnge their pricing options.  There are hundreds of thousands of users on this site alone, offering plenty of variety to choose from.

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