Get Your Flirt Back

Has it been a while since you have been in the dating scene? Are you finding that you actually forget how to date and how to flirt? Here is a quick refresher for you on flirting your way to a first date.

Most women believe that when you meet a new person it is good to agree with whatever they say. It is time to throw that thought in the trash! Many people have found that disagreeing with a potential date when you first meet can make for more flirtatious conversation that is likely to lead to a date. By no means does this mean you should oppose everything he is saying, but rather allow yourself to state different opinions if you have them. Next, don’t forget to compliment him, or hint that you find something of his irresistible. This something can be as suggestive as commenting on his body or as simple as saying something about how sexy you find his cologne. Just like women, a man loves a compliment. You want to make sure you are not overly hand-on. While little touches and brushes against the skin can spark interest and sexual tension, you do not want to give yourself away. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to your first date.

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