Sending Online Dating Messages

Important things to remember about sending messages on online dating websites

So, you have met a cute guy or girl on the online dating website  that you are currently using and it is time to send messages. This can be the most exciting part of the entire dating website quest but at the same time, a rather nerve wracking one. Small mistakes made at this point could potentially ruin the rest of the relationship that you could embark on so try to avoid them at all costs.

Firstly, make sure that you use a spell check. If you need to, write the message in a word processor program and then copy and paste it into the message box. There is nothing worse than receiving a message that is so filled with spelling mistakes that it looks as if it could have been written by a five year old.

Secondly, don’t be overly sexual in the first few messages. By all means have a good flirt but if things are getting too steamy, it could be that your current online dating interest is just looking for one thing and you are basically permitting it.

Where possible, try to avoid subjects such as politics and religion as these could lead to some rather heated debates that could break a new potential partnership. For the first few messaging dates at least, try to avoid anything that could lead to something heated.

Lastly, don’t get overly personal too fast. There is no real need to give him or her your phone number, email address and other personal details early on – get to know each other first before you entrust each other with information such as this.

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