Single or Dating?

Single or Dating?

Ever since the arranged marriage madness stopped existing, people have been faced with an important dilemma. Should they date someone or stay single? Usually, a person knows the answer to that question. However, friends and family sometimes feel the need to intervene. Life is complicated and there is no single answer to such a question because every situation is different. People are unique, and their feelings and experiences are unique as well. Even though staying single or dating someone is a personal choice, there are some things that shouldn’t be neglected. The most important such thing is who your potential dating partner is.

As much as you want to plan everything, the answer to the question “Single or dating?” should be determined by one thing only – have you found the right partner? A right partner is someone who is compatible with you both sexually and mentally. Dating someone just because you can’t find a better choice will lead to disaster. Sooner or later such relationships end, and people may even hurt each other.

If a person has found the right match, then there is only one answer to “the question” – Dating. If he or she hasn’t found a good partner yet, then the answer can be either Single or Looking. One place to look is an online dating website. There are thousands of possible matches. And some of those matches will be great dates. A person only needs to register and give it a try.

Friends and family often try to interfere, and so do your own impulses. People that have been hurt before impulsively tend to stay away from others. Those that want to be dating someone impulsively go for anyone they can find. It is not easy being rational when things are happening to you. The best thing a person can do is take a step back from his or her life and try to figure issues out from the outside. Are you making a mistake by dating someone only because you want to be in a relationship? Or are you staying away from dating just because you don’t want to get hurt?

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