Televisions in the Bedroom

Relationships – Televisions in the Bedroom

There is some debate about televisions in the bedroom.  Some believe that a television helps them relax at the end of the day.  Some people cannot sleep without the soothing background noise of a television.  A television can keep you company when you are sleeping alone, but is it really best to have a television in the bedroom if you are a couple?

One person in the bed may not be accustomed to sleeping with the noise.  Sometimes the lure of the television program can be too distracting for someone to sleep.  This can of course cause conflicts between couples.  Another problem with televisions is their impact not just upon your sleep but also your sex life.  Let’s face it; if you go to bed watching Law & Order every evening, you won’t have much interest in sex.

There are some experts who say that the bedroom should not be used for anything besides sleep and sex, or the brain will be confused.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs, your brain will prepare you for television instead of a romantic evening.  So if your love life is struggling, perhaps it is time to move that TV.

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